Virbac Allermyl 200ML

Rs. 570.00
Shampoo from dogs and catsSoothing, cleansinf and anti pruriticMicro emulsion dye and fragrance lessSeller: Star pets..

Virbac Clinar-M Pet Anti Tick, Flea and Mite Shampoo for Dogs 200ML

Rs. 308.00
For dogsShould not be ingested or licked by a dogIf your pet does so, rinse out mouth and consult a vet immediatelyKeep away from sensitive areas like the eyes and the earsTo be used on direction of a..

Virbac Episoothe Oatmeal and Chitosanide Shampoo 200ML

Rs. 280.00
EPISOOTHE shampoo contains a natural oat-grain derivative and is designed for soothing, cleansing and avoiding mild itch of dry & sensitive skin for dogs, cats & horses of any ageIngredients: ..

Virbac Ketochlor 200ML

Rs. 347.00
Ketochlor Shampoo is an antiseborrheic, antiseptic shampoo for the management of conditions responsive to ketoconazole or chlorhexidine. For use on dogs, cats and horses in the management of skin cond..

Virbac Sebolytic Medicated Shampoo for Pets 200ML

Rs. 500.00
Sebolytic shampoo is a unique antiseborrheic and keratolytic shampoo that removes scales, crusts and excessive oil associated with keratoseborrheic disorders in dogs, cats and horsesThis product helps..
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